Dez Melenka has more than a decade of experience emceeing events in and around Edmonton.  She is passionate about helping your event be the best it can be.  If you want someone to commit to be a part of making your event or evening a success Dez is willing to take the time to work with you and craft the right scripts, get to know your organization and ensure your event runs smoothly.  Please contact for a quote.


Blogs, newsletters, scripts, or press releases…Storyteller Productions can help you craft your message or just work on projects you need help with.  Please contact for a quote.



Book time with our experienced videographer to learn the basics behind filming the right way and give yourself the knowledge to properly film your own videos for social media.  


How you come across on camera is important…you are your brand and how you are perceived matters.  Let us help you be comfortable being yourself on camera and watch your online engagement increase.  We offer extensive and customized media training packages depending on the individual client needs from social media videos to large corporation media training seminars.


If you have boxes of old film or video cassette tapes that you are looking to have transferred to digital we can help you preserve those memories.

Film: 45 cents/ft.   Minimum $100

VHS: $30/hr of footage


You can provide your own USB for the footage or purchase one for $10.  Please contact us for specific details or more in-depth quotes.


Be in touch to book a consultation!

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